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Replacement of kitchen Amstelveen

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Uitgebreide beschrijvingDear All,

Here in my flat, I have the parts for a kitchen. It´s not tailormade for this flat, so the person(s) who will install it needs to be a bit creative.

Here´s a list of things to do:

- remove old kitchen including getting rid of it
- install new kitchen, consisting of oven, stove, kitchen hood, sink, various drawers and cabinets of which some have already been put in place.
- pick up stone table plate (weighs nearly 100 kg) with sink for one side of the kitchen 5 minutes drive away and take it here.
- modify (cut it shorter) the stone plate, as it´s too long the way it is now.
- Put up one shelf.
- The kitchen has a left and a right side. On the left side where the sink is, there are a couple of options that I´d like you to look into:
1. Keep it as it is with a closet underneath
2. Replace closet with 2-drawers module (which is here already), while still fitting the pipes underneath the sink inthere.
3. Modify the closet (decrease the width from 60 to 45 cm), to make extra space for a dishwasher next to it that we also have here, replacing
our current one (new one is 60 cm, old one is 45 cm). In this case, the new dishwasher will need to be modified on the socket where the water
is connected, since it´s of a different size.
- Put new tiles on the wall. We will order them unless you can get a better price.

So apart from being a creative handyman, you´ll need to be somebody with plumming skills and an authorization for connecting gas.

I have attached a couple of photos for you to see what the kitchen currently looks like (sorry about the mess :) ), and what the new kitchen looked like
where it used to be installed.

Last but not least, let me mention that I live on the 4th floor with no elevator, so you´ll probably need to come with a container, connecting to my
balcony with a plastic tube.

Please reply with a time estimate, when you can start and a price offer.
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