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House Flooring replacement and Kitchen remoduling Amstelveen

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Uitgebreide beschrijvingHi,

We have bought an apartment in Amstelveen and now looking for some renovation work inside like,
- Replacement of Old Laminate flooring with new one
- Remodeling of Kitchen
- Door replacements
- little plumbing work in the kitchen..

Total house area is 81 sqm.

At First we would like to know if this is a project that your company can pick up, if so, could are looking for quotes either one from below after consultantion..

Quote 1
* Quote has to be split per job and Each Job should indicate,
- Material cost
- Labor cost
- VAT, if any
- Time to complete the job


Quote 2
* A total price indicating any discount we get if we assign all the job to your company. The Quote should indicate same as above..

Viewings can be arranged after formal discussion on Phone.

Please keep in mind that all communication will be done in English.

Let us know if you need any clarification on the above, and we are looking forward to your reply the soonest possible.


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